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Omchain network's first meme token
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About OMI Token

OMI MEME is a polar movement dedicated to Crypto lovers. Its sole purpose is to earn your friendship, as well as to be a redeemable token for new games in the WEB2/WEB3 space.

OMI is Charitable

OMI has a fluffy heart OMI Doesn't Like Fraud

OMI doesn't lie, OMI Loves You



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Coming Soon


Listing refers to the process of getting a project's token listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Being listed on exchanges increases the token's liquidity and accessibility, allowing more people to trade it.


Partnership involves forming alliances or collaborations with other projects, companies, or organizations. Partnerships can help in various ways such as expanding reach, accessing resources, or enhancing credibility.

Nft collection

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collection refers to the creation and release of unique digital assets on a blockchain. These assets, often in the form of digital art, collectibles, or virtual real estate, are tokenized and can be bought, sold, or traded.


This could refer to the development and launch of a blockchain-based game or gaming platform. Blockchain technology offers unique features such as asset ownership, digital scarcity, and decentralized economies, which can enhance gaming experiences and enable new gameplay mechanics.